Power Of Quality & Pure Communication


Lion StoneWorks is ready to lead you in the right direction from the first time we get in contact.
Shoot us a call to clear any doubts; about stone, countertops, fabrication, installation, edge detailing, lead-time, pricing, etc., even if your project is still a concept.

Schedule & Selection:

This stage lets us address most of your project-related requests & inquiries for a proposal.
We will be discussing your vision & possibilities, recommending suitable stones that will fit your lifestyle & budget—explaining all uncertainties clarifying the distinctions between minimal expense and top-of-the-line stone slabs available in Colorado.
We will provide stone samples and collect measurements for your project to include precise cost estimates and project timing and address any possible difficulties before fabricating.


Templating stage, this step is essential before fabricating your countertops; it permits us to get your project's precise dimensions & aspects.


After we template, you can expect your countertops to be installed approximately 7-10 days.